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The Four Ego-States Model


Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark


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How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.


What's The Big Idea(s)

Many times throughout history, the "father" of an idea that grows to be a universal house-hold concept shares that idea early on with his friends and colleagues. As that group discusses the subject among themselves, their input serves to enrich and clarify the first big idea. Then, as members of the original group begin to mentor and train others in that concept, those new colleagues will likewise enrich the concept and further clarify the ideas for the next generation. Building on a pure idea like that results in simplifying, explaining, and clarifying the IDEA. However, interested parties who don't have the privilege of the original concept, but rather latch on to a particular facet of it and attempt to build from that incomplete facet tend to confuse the original idea as well as complicate and muddy their own product.


Eric Berne had a BIG IDEA that changed the way the world thought. From Games People Play, to Redecision Therapy, to Applied TA, to Human Interaction Analysis the family tree is intact, each generation making the original BIG IDEA more understandable and usable for the audience for which it was meant.






I can see patterns to behavior that can be explained so that professionals can use everyday language to better communicate with their patients.


With his background in psychoanalysis, Eric Berne wrote the world-changing book, Games People Play. Berne detected patterns in what he considered dysfunctional behavior and began to lay down those patterns for others to consider when dealing with their own lives or the lives of their clients or patients, using, for the first time, actual understandable everyday names for each of those patterns, thus adding an element of human dynamics into the mix. With that book he began bridging the chasm between conventional psychoanalysis and people on the street. He called this method Transactional Analysis.


VALUE ADDED: The value of Big Idea #1 was to open the door between the psychologist world and the man on the street.





I can see how this methodology can be utilized to train another type of professional to help individuals on a larger scale where needed.


Bob and Mary Goulding were friends and associates with Berne. That association lead to their mix of Gestalt therapy with Berne's new ideas which resulted in what they called Redecision Therapy. This mixture was introduced into the courts system as a pilot project developed by the Oklahoma City Junior League and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency to train lay therapists to work with juvenile offenders within the county court system.


VALUE ADDED: The value of Big Idea #2 was to further remove the mysteries of the psychiatrists couch by setting the groundwork for another type of professional to carry the bulk of training and counseling - at the same time holding true to the original idea.





I can see this methodology being developed to help business executives understand their own actions as well as the actions of those around them. I envision a simple, universal language that can be used as the basis of all this.


Jut Meininger's wife, Elissa, was part of the Oklahoma City pilot project that attracted Bob and Mary Goulding to the area. Early on, Jut saw the potential of TA and participated in the ongoing training and was a favorite of the Gouldings in their workshops and brain-sessions that followed. With Bob Goulding's endorsement, Jut wrote his first book, Success Through Transactional Analysis, and was touted in "Business Week" as one of the three TA gurus at the time. This book introduced the corporate and business world to the wonders of TA and, in future works, Jut finalized the TA language with the four ego states model.


VALUE ADDED: The value of Big Idea #3 was to begin the process of carrying Berne's BIG IDEA to the masses by targeting separate markets with materials written specifically for that market, thus opening the way for other types of training and counseling, clarifying the language so the original concept would not get lost in "shop talk" for each market, while still holding true to the original.





I can see how this simple yet thorough methodology can be used to help counselors, pastors, parents, teachers and other types of professionals guide those in their care to understand what goes on in their lives and decide how to change that if they so choose. I can also see how, reaching children early with simple concepts can enable them to avoid most of the pitfalls of life that others have to stumble through.


Jut and Elissa Meininger met Danna G. Hallmark in 1991 and immediately began a personal and professional relationship. This corresponded loosely with Jut's finalization of the four ego state model. As Jut and Danna collaborated on other TA works, she saw how this simple yet complete concept could be used in all venues. She began to develop books and training materials for all walks of life and began breaking down the concepts for children's understanding. Danna also introduced TA principles in her state licensed vocational college and began a dialog with others in the international arena to move this work forward.


Now that Jut is deceased, Danna is carrying on their work (actually the Berne/Goulding/Meininger/Hallmark concepts) that have developed, without a break, from the inception. Danna plans to take this methodology, now known as Applied TA and Human Interaction Analysis, to even greater heights, building on the four great concepts and:



VALUE ADDED: The value of Big Idea #4 is gathering all aspects of the other Big Ideas into a mass-marketable system so the original BIG IDEA of Berne, as well as the other two that followed, can be easily seen by the current market and be preserved for future generations, all the while staying true to the first BIG IDEA.





This work is not nearly finished. As Danna works to get what she and Jut developed to the public, she knows there are others out there that can take this work even further. She is looking for those persons.


Are you that person? The only way this pure strain of Berne-influenced TA can be carried on is if the last in line teach those who will be taking over when they are no longer available. Are you that person?


No background in the subject is necessary. The concept can be easily taught from the beginning. Contact if you feel you want to contribute.