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How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.


At the time of his death, Jut Meininger was far enough along in the creation of his dynamic books, CLARITY and Executive Leader, to send out examples of both books to hand-chosen professionals for possible dust jacket comments. Although he was still talking with many potential endorsers at the time of his death, many others had taken their time to reply favorably to his request and reward him with their endorsement of his work. We want to thank them for that effort.


Below, in no particular order, is a partial listing of those favorable comments:

Amy Harris
Harold T. Shapiro
William W. (Bill) Bradley
Carolyn Dean, M.D, N.D
Norman R. Augustine
Charles M. (Chuck) Berger
Joseph S. Nye, Jr
Irvine O. (Irv) Hockaday, Jr
Tesfaye (Tes) Aklilu
W. Kenneth (Ken) Bonds
Jeff Cook
John O. Wynne
Douglas E. (Doug) Hazel
Bob Proctor


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Dust Jacket Blurbs

"If you've read I'm OK - You're OK, you need to read CLARITY! In this well written, engaging book, Jut Meininger uses his New TA to take TA's core concepts to new, updated levels."

Amy Harris, collaborator with her late husband Thomas A. Harris, M.D., in writing their classic I'm OK - You're OK and authored the follow-up book Staying OK. She is first generation on the TA Family Tree.




[About Clarity]"Whether one is convinced or not about TA itself, Jut Meininger's views often stand on an angle to conventional approaches and as such provide both a provocative and useful perspective. It is fascinating to consider a concept that is some combination of Freud, Jung, and Meiningers own original focus. It seems to me that it is often, as Meininger suggests, quite useful to distinguish between perceptual and purely intellectual skills as one works to enhance performance. I found the book challenging, disconcerting, and rewarding."


[About Executive Leader]"While there seem to be 1001 remedies for dealing with significant challenges faced by business executives, Meininger's ideas are innovative and take one's thoughts in a new direction. His views are unconventional but, it seems to me, worth our attention."

Harold T. Shapiro is President Emeritus and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University. He is Chairman of the Board of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and a director of several major U.S. corporations, including HCA and Dow Chemical Company.



"Most people problems stem from our lack of understanding of what makes people tick. In CLARITY, Jut Meininger provides great insight into how people can use this knowledge to take charge of their lives."


"Great leaders always seem to have the same personality characteristics, whether they're coaching a sports team or running a major corporation. In The Executive Leader, Jut Meininger not only explains how such rare natural leaders use these characteristics to achieve their remarkable feats, but he also describes how you can develop the same characteristics and become such a leader yourself. The Executive Leader should be on every thoughtful executive's 'must read' list."

William W. (Bill) Bradley, former U.S. Senator and basketball star, is a managing director of Allen Company, LLC. He serves on the board of directors of several major U.S. corporations, including Starbucks and Seagate Technology.



"Often, we tend to externalize stress and other negative influences on our lives, thinking they're not controllable. In his new masterpiece, CLARITY, Jut Meininger explains how many of these apparent external influences are not external at all, but rather the result of self-generated internal triggers that bubble up from our past that we can turn off whenever we want to. CLARITY is a marvelous self-help manual for anyone who's ever dreamed of living a fulfilled life."

Carolyn Dean, M.D, N.D., is author of over a dozen books, including The Everything Alzheimers Book and Death By Modern Medicine.




"Anyone who is not satisfied with the past -- and who always considered Deming's timeless theories to be a bit of a mystery, yet knew that they worked -- should read Jut Meininger's book."

Norman R. Augustine is the retired Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation, and former Under Secretary of the Army.



"Meininger's brilliant summary of Deming's leadership model is much more than just an interesting and mind-challenging read. It pulls together the theoretical underpinnings of the New TA and the practical value of Deming's ideas in a way that gives the reader an incredible storehouse of take-home value!"

Charles M. (Chuck) Berger is the former Chairman, President, and CEO of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.



"Why do leaders sometimes get in their own way? How can they alienate people when they think they are appealing to them? Can they better understand their own personalities and avoid such failure? If you are interested in the answers to such questions, you will love this very readable application of Transactional Analysis to the problems all leaders, including government leaders, face every day."

Joseph S. Nye, Jr., is the former dean of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is currently Harvard's Distinguished Service Professor of International Relations.



"As a director of Ford Motor Company during Don Petersen's leadership, I saw firsthand how his commitment to quality and his motivational skills moved the Company forward. Jut Meininger, using TA concepts and leadership examples like Don's and others, distills the underlying techniques that support successful leaders and suggests ways all of us can apply these concepts in our daily and business lives."

Irvine O. (Irv) Hockaday, Jr. is the former CEO of Hallmark Cards, Inc. He serves on the board of directors of several major U.S. corporations, including Ford Motor Company and Dow Jones, Inc.




"At United Technologies, we've already institutionalized most of Deming's processoriented manufacturing techniques. Consequently, I found Jut Meininger's remarkable explanation of how Deming applied his process-oriented manufacturing techniques to the art of executive leadership very illuminating. I especially like the way he uses the New TA to explain how Deming's leadership model focuses on how not to 'de-motivate' people."

Tesfaye (Tes) Aklilu is Vice President, Quality and Manufacturing, United Technologies Corporation.



"My first exposure to Jut Meininger and Transactional Analysis came in the early 1970s. It was the closest I've ever come to a life-changing experience. Now, in The Executive Leader, Jut takes the New TA to a level far beyond anything we ever dreamed possible back then, and provides a vast, even more exciting, array of new insights for our current generation of new executive leaders."

W. Kenneth (Ken) Bonds is the former Chairman of the Board of the Oklahoma City Baptist Medical Center. He currently serves on the board of trustees of Oklahoma City University, and is co-founder and a director of Oklahoma's famed Red Earth Festival.




"Jut Meininger, in The Executive Leader, and Jim Collins, in Good To Great, start out on opposite sides of the planet -- Collins, with his army of twenty researchers weeding through thousands of pages of data, and Meininger, alone in his ivory tower, dissecting the Deming Leadership Model. Yet miraculously, both end up in the same place, with Collins discovering the mysterious black box containing the secret of how to become a Level 5 Leader – a box he says he can't open, and Meininger providing us with the keys to open the box and share in its riches."

Jeff Cook is Chief Executive Officer of ARCO Construction Company.



"Most great leaders know that successfully nurturing and unleashing the potential of people is the key to institutional improvement and competitive advantage. Building on W. E. Deming's emphasis on process and Jim Collins' concept of enduring cultural values, Jut Meininger provides a thoughtful, systematic approach for creating more self-awareness, for understanding biases and barriers to effective communication, and suggests many useful ways to bring out the best in people. He will stimulate you to become a more effective leader."

John O. Wynne, cable television pioneer and developer of the Weather Channel, is the retired President and CEO of Landmark Communications, Inc. He is a member of the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University.




"For the past several years, I have had the chance to study both the New TA and the leadership concepts explained in The Executive Leader in great depth, and I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity to do so. They have been instrumental in bringing a higher level of clarity to both my personal life and my business life, and they have changed the way I think about things forever."

Douglas E. (Doug) Hazel is Chairman of the Board of the Marine Bank and Trust Company of Vero Beach, Florida.





To: Vic Conant
Subject: Jut Meininger
Vic I am not the best at writing these endorsements, if they would like to change this please let them know they have my permission. I am truly blown away with the tremendous work in these books. Please also have them adapt what I have written for The Executive Leader if they want to.....

"Jut Meininger deserves a Human Resource Award for this tremendous work. Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant founders of the Nightingale/Conant Corp. were my mentors for many years starting in the early 60's when I first began to study human potential, therefore I received the very best guidance and the most effective information. It has helped me build a global organization.

They would have highly recommended Jut Meininger's Clarity. I will definitely be using this information in all of my work and I will recommend Clarity wherever I travel".

Bob Proctor From the movie, "The Secret." Author of Bestselling book You were Born Rich.



who have been recently introduced to Applied TA:


Dejan M. — Croatia
I’ve just finished reading Your and Ken’s book "Teamwork". In my practice I used lots of knowledge's from books about Teamwork and this book is really ok for me because it simplifies a lots of things what I have been working on a hard way. I like concept of the five assurances, it makes things much easier in practice, and more effective. You really simplify things with TA. I am personally interested in that kind of things because [if] I use a TA language, it is easy when I speak with somebody who learned TA, but it is a lot of difficulties with people who did not learn TA.

[About the book, Listen!] It is great how you combine communications and making decisions. I really like Your term Board Members it just fits. It is very practical. You describe these particular situations in practice, so it is very understandable.


Alexandru D. — Romania
[About the book, Listen!] The main quality that I find in your work is that it maintains the deep understanding of human psyche that I believe is at the heart of TA success, without the mumbo-jumbo fancy language and concepts that push many people away. Good explanations, simple words.
I enjoy your style, Danna.

I want to share a few of the things that I most appreciate about your thinking:


1. the uniqueness of human beings - many theories pretend they can teach techniques that would trigger a certain predictable response in others (I always thought that was magic thinking and make believe, you just cannot trigger anything, you only invite a response, but you can't make people do things and your material seems to be valorizing that, since you begin with the human as a unique individual AND you also say that we have things in common, so we are similar yet different, which is a very wise stance, I believe)  

2. The emphasis you are putting on the simplicity in general and most of all the natural way that you have for explaining personality through Ego States, in saying that they are each useful and appropriate for certain cases. Most of all, I enjoyed the Board Meeting metaphor and the example for decision making

3. Really like the drawings - gives the Child something to smile about and also, I believe people will feel deeply understood because you are talking about it.


Wayne S. — USA
[After receiving free first chapter of Clarity] Clarity is great!  The concept of "looping" between AC and P ego states is roughly equivalent to the internal dialogue.  However, I think this concept helps me get a better grasp of TA and my inner workings.

Even though I have heard of many theories of TA, I have found Jut's model to be the most concise and helpful.


Dr. Carolyn Dean, HI
It's a quick read and may be all you need for an excellent overview of your Child, Parent, Adult and Adapted Child ego states envisioned by the late Jut Meininger. But if you want more, Danna Hallmark has great suggestions for pursuing the study of TA, going far beyond Bernie's work and Harris' I'm OK, You're OK.


Gail Hugg, Toledo, OH
Reading this book was my initial introduction to TA. I am fascinated and intrigued at the practicality of this concept to understanding human behavior. With further study, I am confident that I will gain useful knowledge to pass on to my grandchildren.


Bob Marx, St. Louis, MO
I was introduced to Jut's work from reading How to run your own life. This is a great addition. Thank you for making it available!


Herman van Staden, South Africa

This is an easy read and provides a different, yet interesting introduction to the field of Transactional Analysis.  I would recommend it to people new to the field as well as 'old-timers' for its unique approach.


OKC (Amazon review)
While I've been sleeping, it seems they have expanded on TA to new depths. I especially liked the interaction of the Adapted Child and Parent.

I can now see things that I missed years ago when I read I'm OK, You're OK and Games People Play and could have applied them. For instance:

" listening to each of their voices you can more accurately identify your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes, your fears and joys? And that this knowledge can give you the insight to make clear decisions when the time comes."

It's one thing to deny your feelings and quite another to know when you are denying your feelings... this is more than just simple introspection but actual tools that can be applied.

I can see this is why it became a lifelong work for Jut.


Daniel Trussel, PhD., Atlanta, GA
This is a quick, easy to read yet concise summary of the four ego states that is the cornerstone of Transactional Analysis. I would definitely recommend it to clients as a supplemental reference to the work they are doing with their coach or counselor. I look forward to seeing the expansion materials coming down the pike. Listen to Dr. Daniel Trussell interview with host Eric Michaels.


Mark Stipanovsky, London, UK
This is the first book I have downloaded to my Kindle app and it's full of brilliant little insights into why we "do" what we do - why we "think" in certain ways and helpful ways to understand our feelings - and why we "feel" what we feel...

Anyway, back to this little gem of a book that calls their advancement of "The Classical TA" ego state model a 4 stage model and splits the childlike part we all have into AC (adapted child) and NC (natural child) and various other authors also use the same distinction.

What makes this book quite nice is the way it is written and the way it flows intuitively from page to page.

Teaching anyone the ego state model in any shape or form can be life changing because it creates options and awareness of the ability to change...

A very useful concept or phrase that really tickled me was:
"Can cause you to live your life as if it was in a movie and not in the present"

This was in relation to different parts of us - acting upon outdated information and attempting to fit our "current reality" into it - or defending and blending as the author says...

This is like a little taster or "starter" before the main course and just sort of whets your appetite - which I reckon may be why this book was written. Hopefully it will encourage you to find out more about the Authors, Transactional Analysis and visit their website which is hyperlinked in the book. That's something which also made me smile - how much technology is changing the way we "Transact" and how "Transactional Analysis" will embrace this.

Anyway, download if you wish and also check out the global TA website and "Keep introducing yourself to yourself"...