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"Out of print. Copyright secured. Seeking partners to share in printing costs and profits."
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"Out of print. Copyright secured. Seeking partners to share in printing costs and profits."
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TEAMWORK The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team (Looking at your team from another perspective) Edmundson, Hallmark

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How To Run Your Own Life


When Jut Meininger entered his freshman year at Princeton, he had just won a major national piano competition. Considered a child prodigy, Jut was the private student of the noted Julliard piano teacher, Santos Ojeda. During the fall of his freshman year, Jut commuted weekly to New York for training to prepare for his New York City debut with full orchestra that January.


Jut graduated from Princeton in 1958 with a degree in Economics and went on to pursue a business career. In the late 1960s, quite by chance, he became acquainted with and trained by Bob and Mary Goulding, close associates of Eric Berne, in the development of the new psychological theory, Transactional Analysis (TA). Berne's book, Games People Play, had just been published. With the encouragement of Bob Goulding, Jut wrote Success Through Transactional Analysis, a best seller geared to bringing TA principles to the business community. That book was followed by his most popular work, How to Run Your Own Life, a self-help book for the general public. This book is still wildly popular. Today copies of the original sell for hundreds of dollars.


Jut was recognized by Business Week as a pioneer in applying TA to business management situations in large part because of his work with the policy committee of Citicorp, a longtime client. Soon after, he retired from the heavy schedule of travel, speaking, and consulting to pursue other interests. However, he ultimately returned to his consulting business and was finishing two new books on TA with his co-writer Danna G. Hallmark geared to fine-tuning the model to be more useful to the business community.


Jut Meininger died unexpectedly on February 8, 2008. He left a volume of work that he and Danna had accomplished for the last two decades for her to complete. Posthumously, Jut was awarded a Citation from the Oklahoma House of Representatives for his pioneering work in bringing Transactional Analysis to the business community.


Currently, How To Run Your Own Life has just been re-published in a special memorial edition by Danna G. Hallmark in conjunction with the launching of the new website Future plans include publishing or republishing the bulk of Jut's work of 35 years along with his 15 years of joint work with Danna.


To: Vic Conant

"Vic… I am truly blown away with the tremendous work in these books. Jut Meininger deserves a Human Resource Award for this tremendous work. [Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant] would have highly recommended Jut Meininger’s [unpublished work]. I will definitely be using this information in all of my work and I will recommend {it} wherever I travel."
Bob Proctor