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The Four Ego-States Model


Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark


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Listen! You're Trying to Tell YOU Something

Buy The BookSo, why did we write this book? Why do we want you to read this book? And, why would you want to read this book? We wrote this book because we thought we had something different to offer you, a tool that we feel will in some way benefit you. So, what makes our method so much different -- or better, as it were, than the numerous other methods, systems, and schemes on the market?


It's all in the ability you develop to quickly assess a situation in your life, see both sides, and balance or equalize the numerous factions to smooth out the situation. Here's what we mean.


Let's liken a human interaction to playing on a teeter-totter. The object of playing on a teeter-totter is to counter-balance the actions of the person on the opposite end of the board with actions of your own. So, when their weight lessens as they use the motion of their legs to propel themselves into the air, you then counter that activity with a like motion of your own before your end of the board hits the ground. It's pretty simple. He does something, and then you do something. And on you go.


You may have found that most methods and coaching systems tend to offer you things to do to correct or counterbalance situations, one at a time, situation by situation, after they happen and because they have happened. In other words, each offers a system of reactions to certain events in an attempt to artificially adjust each situation with no consideration of the overall picture -- like playing on a teeter-totter.


Unlike other methods, rather than offer you weapons to use to counteract what has happened, we give you a tool that will enable you to get insight into what is happening in the big picture so you will be able to adjust the entire situation. Picture this. Using this tool will be like standing on the teeter-totter in the middle of the balance board. In this way, no matter what is occurring on each end of the board, you can feel the activity as it is happening and shift your weight one way or the other to keep the board level or balanced.


In the same way, someone who uses a tool that enables him to be aware of and monitor what is happening in the minds of others can clarify and streamline encounters and situations while they are happening or before they actually happen, not counteract them after the fact. This can enable him to prevent or sidestep situations that might otherwise clutter up the business or personal activities in his life.


We wrote this book to teach you that tool, to make available to you the tool that has proven so valuable to us over the years and to ask you:


Did You Know?



Are You Aware?



Do You Realize?



By applying the principles you are going to be given in this book you will have the tool to not only understand your own thoughts and actions, but also to determine where the wants and needs of other people are coming from.

The tool we want to give you we call the Board Meeting in your head. That is, the ability to listen to and understand the input of each of the facets of your thought processes. This has been one of the most valuable tools in our business and personal lives, and we want to pass it on to you.


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